Prestained Protein Ladder

Cat No. Product Name Packing Size Price
M101 Clarkbio Prestained Protein Ladder 250ul×2 $59.00
Storage Buffer: 62.5mM Tris•H3PO4 (pH 7.5 at 25°C), 1mM EDTA, 2% (w/v) SDS, 10mM DTT, 1mM NaN3 and 33% (v/v) glycerol.
Storage: Upon receipt store at -20°C. Product is shipped with an ice pack.
Introduction The Clarkbio™ Prestained Protein Ladder is a prestained mixture of nine recombinant proteins ranging from 10K to 130K(10,17,25,33,40,53,70,100,130K,orange at 70K). Two different chromophores are bound to the proteins, producing a brightly colored ladder. The protein ladder is conveniently packaged and ready to use with no heating, diluting or additional reducing agent necessary. 
Important Product Information 
• Do not boil the protein ladder.
• Store the protein ladder for up to three months at 4°C or for one year at -20°C.
• The molecular weights of the proteins have a lot-to-lot variation of approximately 5%. 
• In low-percentage gels (< 10%), the low-molecular weight proteins in the ladder may migrate with the dye front.
• The large proteins (> 100K) in the ladder may require longer transfer times or higher transfer voltages for Western blotting.
• The mobility of prestained proteins can vary in different SDS-PAGE buffer systems; however, they are suitable for approximate molecular weight determination when calibrated against unstained standards in the same system.
Procedure for Use in Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
1. Thaw the ladder at room temperature. Do not boil protein ladder.
2. Mix gently and thoroughly to ensure that the solution is homogeneous.
3. Load an appropriate volume of the ladder onto the gel. 
• Mini-gel: 5µL per well (0.75-1.0mm thick) or 10µL per well (1.5mm thick)
• Large gel: 10µL per well (0.75-1.0mm thick) or 20µL per well (1.5mm thick)
4. Return the unused protein ladder to -20°C for up to two years or 4°C for up to three months.