Exposure Marker

Cat No. Product Name Packing Size Price
M201 Exposure Marker(Western Blot Marker) 100ul $50.00
M202 Exposure Marker(Western Blot Marker) 250ul $100.00
M210 Exposure Marker(Western Blot Marker) 1250ul $400.00


Exposure Marker(Western Blot Marker) is designed for facility western blot, which can conveniently monitors the electrophoresis progress and directly visualize protein standard bands on a blot. It consists of eight recombinant proteins in the range of 12-90 KDa (12、17、23、30、38、50、70、90 KDa). One of them, the 70 kDa protein coupled with a purple dye forms a pre-stained protein which is used for detection the electrophoresis and evaluation western transfer efficiency. The other seven proteins can band with human, mouse, rat, goat, sheep and rabbit serum with their IgG banding site, therefore they can directly band with secondary antibody, or primary antibody firstly then the secondary antibody. After detection, users can observe standard protein bands on the X-ray as shown in Fig.1. Meanwhile they can read the M.W. of positive signal according to the position of the standard protein bands.

Storage Buffer:

125 mM Tris-HCl, pH 6.8, 10 mM DTT, 2 mM EDTA, 2 % (W/V) SDS, 10 % (W/V) Glycerol, 0.01 % (W/V) Bromophenol blue.

Directions for Use:

1. Thaw at room temperature, blend gently to make it well-distributed.
2. Load 5-10μl uMarkerTM Western Blot Marker in a well of one prepared SDS-PAGE gel, meanwhile load your samples in the other wells and perform the electrophoresis.We recommend testing different amounts of the standards to determine the optimal amount of standards to use under your experimental conditions.
3. Transfer proteins to a NC or PVDF membrane.
4. Perform the blocking step, incubating with primary antibody and secondary antibody.
5. After the fully washing, make the membrane reaction with ECL reagent, then exposure the X-ray film in the dark room.