Cat No. Product Name Introduction Packing Size Price
C301 LabCleaner Powder Room Temperature Storage 10 × 1 g $69.00


LabCleaner is a solution for cleaning and elimination of fungi, bacteria, mycoplasmas or virus contamination from laboratory surfaces and apparatus. LabCleaner kills fungi, bacteria, mycoplasmas or virus very quickly. Within seconds these microorganisms are completely eradicated.

Kit Components:

10 × 1 g LabCleaner Powder


Dissovle 1 g of LabCleaner powder in 200-250 ml water. Now it is ready to be used.


Spray directly on smooth laboratory surfaces or exposed surfaces of apparatus. Fungi, bacteria, mycoplasmas or virus are destroyed within 1 minute. After 2 minutes, wipe the surface thoroughly with a paper towel and rinse immediately with clean water. Dry surface with clean paper towel.
Caution: The product may cause slight discoloration of sensitive surfaces. Test the surface for discoloration prior to application.