Cat No. Product Name Introduction Packing Size Price
E201 MYCOKILLER-1 Antibiotic Solution - 20 degrees Centigrade 1ml(1000X) $129.00
E202 MYCOKILLER-2 Antibiotic Solution - 20 degrees Centigrade 1ml(1000X) $129.00


MycoKiller-1 contains two antibiotics: one blocks protein synthesis by interfering with ribosome translation, and the other blocks DNA replication by interfering with the replication fork. These two specific and separate targets are found only in mycoplasmas and many other bacteria, and are completely absent in eukaryotic cells. At the recommended concentrations, no cytotoxity can be found for over 95% cell lines.

Kit Components:

1 ml(1000 ×) MycoKiller-1 Antibiotic Solution
1 ml(1000 ×) MycoKiller-2 Antibiotic Solution


Split an actively dividing culture of cells into medium containing MycoKiller-1. Remove and replace with fresh medium (containing MycoKiller-1) every 3 days.
Continue the treatment for at least 15 days before re-testing mycoplasmas by One-Step Quickcolor Mycoplasma Test Kit.
Routinely test every month to confirm no mycoplasma contamination again.